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Re: cdrskin: how to get quick BD-RE format?


> Now I'm trying to do w/o dvd+rw-format, so I added
>         format=as_needed
> to the cdrskin command line already used for burning, and taken out

Can it be you mean  blank=as_needed  ?
This applies default formatting to unformatted BD-RE.

> Now cdrskin will automatically format a blank BD-RE, but it's doing a full
> format (ie: more than 1 hour for a 2x BD-RE), while dvd+rw-format would do a
> quick (a few minutes if I remember correctly) format, just enough to get it
> going.

Probably the difference is in the Sub-type field of the FORMAT UNIT
command. dvd+rw-format uses type 2 for "-format=full" and type 3 else.

The matching cdrskin blank type of cdrskin for Sub-type 2 would be


This formats to default size.

You may chose other format sizes by a further blank= option.
   blank=format_defectmgt_cert_off blank=format_defectmgt_payload_23610m
   blank=format_defectmgt_cert_off blank=format_by_index_2

The latter refers to the idx numbers as listed by
  $ cdrskin -v dev=/dev/sr3 --list_formats
  BD Spare Area: 0 blocks consumed, 393216 blocks available
  Format idx 0 : 00h , 11826176s , 23098.0 MiB
  Format idx 1 : 01h , 11564032s , 22586.0 MiB
  Format idx 2 : 30h , 11826176s , 23098.0 MiB
  Format idx 3 : 30h , 11564032s , 22586.0 MiB
  Format idx 4 : 30h , 12088320s , 23610.0 MiB
  Format idx 5 : 31h , 12219392s , 23866.0 MiB

format_defectmgt_payload_... can be chosen quite freely. But extreme wishes
might lead to rejection of the FORMAT UNIT command by the drive.

> Should I try 
>         format=format_if_needed
> instead?

For BD-RW this has the same effect as "as_needed".
It will make a difference with CD-RW (no action rather than blanking),
with DVD-RW (formatting rather than blanking), or unused BD-R (formatting
rather than no action).

Have a nice day :)


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