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cdrskin: how to get quick BD-RE format?

cdrskin-1.1.8, Linux RHEL3

LG  BE06LU10/YE05

I used to check if the inserted media was an unformatted BD-RE and, if so,
I'd issue
	dvd+rw-format /dev/cdrom
to format it before calling cdrskin to write to it.

Now I'm trying to do w/o dvd+rw-format, so I added
to the cdrskin command line already used for burning, and taken out

Now cdrskin will automatically format a blank BD-RE, but it's doing a full
format (ie: more than 1 hour for a 2x BD-RE), while dvd+rw-format would do a
quick (a few minutes if I remember correctly) format, just enough to get it

Should I try 

From reading the manual is't not clear to me when I would want to use
format_if_needed or as_needed when I want cdrsin to automatically format
BD-RE/BD-R is they are blank.


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