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Re: problems with LG BH10LS30 BD-RE


> Hello Thomas and Jörg,
> thanks much for your fast replies!

Well, i did not see Joergs's first one.

> As far as I could understand, you don't expect the problem to be in the
> drive model or Linux software, so I didn't return it and proceeded step
> by step: CD-RW, DVD-RW, BD-RE. With various degrees of success,

The individual drive may well be mad.
If you can exchange it with few effort then you should try that first.

There are other possible reasons why the next drive might not work
better.  Next suspects would rather be your cabling (eSATA ?) or your
Quite unlikely is that all LG BH10LS30 would be bad or that all
your various media would not play nicely with it.

> With no tool could I successfully burn all three media types.

Do you see a reliable correlation between tool used, media type,
and success ?
I myself had very deceiving results with DVD-RW and the various
tools. You need several tries with each combination of tool and
media in order to get an overview.

> I'll perform some more tests and report the results

Record what you did with what program and what media.
With failures please record the last 20 message lines.

There are so many ways how a burn can fail.

Joerg Schilling wrote:
> Unfortunately, the linux hald or related newer software repeatedly sends
> SCSI commands to the drive, SCSI commands that are not permitted to be send
> during cdrecord is writing media. This typically hits you when you write
> CDs or DVD-R/RW in DAO mode.

Yes. Such automats can cause failure on CD and DVD-R[W].
Sometimes it works, sometimes the burn aborts in the middle.
Often it helps to load the drive tray manually and to wait until the
automat has inspected the media.

Nevertheless, this cannot explain failure with BD-RE or DVD+RW.
They have no problems with serving two masters at a time.

Have a nice day :)


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