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Re: Problem: Inode number overflow, too many files in file system.


> growisofs -M /dev/hdc -R -J -V Daily Daily bin.Thursday.txz
> [... more *.txz ...]
> fails with the following:
> mkisofs: Inode number overflow, too many files in file system.
> With only 12 files per day the disc can hardly be really full.

At least there should be no overflow of file
items, indeed. Normally one can put tenthousands
of files into a fresh mkisofs image.

What is in file or directory "Daily" ?
(You give "-V Daily Daily".
 The first "Daily" becomes the volume ID,
 the second one is used as input file path.)

Would you be interested in trying an alternative
to mkisofs ?

If so: install xorriso (preferably version 0.5.4)
and do
  export MKISOFS=xorrisofs
  growisofs -M /dev/hdc -R -J -V Daily ...

Or without growisofs (on Linux and FreeBSD):
  xorriso -dev /dev/hdc -joliet on -volid Daily \
          -add ...

The equivalent to growisofs -Z /dev/hdc is
  xorriso -dev /dev/hdc -blank as_needed ...

For testing you may operate on a disk file rather
than a CD/DVD burner:
  xorriso -dev /some/path/backup.iso -volid ...

(Start with non-existing /some/path/backup.iso
 and then add more sessions to it.)


Have a nice day :)


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