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Re: Can t blank BD-RE disc?


> Does the following make any sense at all?

Only in part. :))

Your media should be usable in growisofs or
libburn without explicit preparations.

They should be still ok after the dvd+rw-format
runs. Just try to use them.

BD-RE are like DVD-RAM usable as random access
read-write disks. (DVD+RW and formatted DVD-RW

They need to get formatted before use. Thus the
term "blank" makes sense.
But after being formatted, one can write and read
to them like to a giant floppy disk.
So "blanking" in the sense of re-use is not
applicable to BD-RE.

growisofs and libburn format blank BD-RE
automatically on the first try to write them.
So it is not needed to format them explicitely
unless one wants a non-default size.
Size may be varied by reserving more or less
spare blocks.

This command was appropriate for new BD-RE:

> $ dvd+rw-format -format /dev/sr1
> * BD/DVD±RW/-RAM format utility by <appro@fy.chalmers.se>, version 7.1.
> * 24.8GB BD media detected.
> * formatting .

But this outcome is not appropriate:

> LIST]: Input/output error

Well, the media state looks ok so far:

> $ dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/sr1
>  Mounted Media:         43h, BD-RE
>  Write Speed #0:        12.0x4495=53940KB/s

(Gosh ! Is that true ?)

>  Write Speed #1:        2.0x4495=8990KB/s
>  Speed Descriptor#0:    00/12088319 R@2.0x4495=8990KB/s W@2.0x4495=8990KB/s

(Probably not)

>  formatted:             12088320*2048=24756879360

The default size. About 256 MB of spare blocks.

This command made few sense but was obviously
gracefully defaulted to -format:

> $ dvd+rw-format -blank /dev/sr1

Next you were kept from re-formatting. I do not
know how often one may format a media.
Half a dozen size changes are ok, though.
Re-formatting is likely to kill data on the

> $ dvd+rw-format  /dev/sr1
> * BD/DVD±RW/-RAM format utility by <appro@fy.chalmers.se>, version 7.1.
> * 24.8GB BD media detected.
> - media is not blank
> - you have the option to re-run dvd+rw-format with:
>   -format=full  to perform (lengthy) Full Certification;
>    -ssa[=none|default|max|XXX[GM]]
>                to eliminate or adjust Spare Area.

Have a nice day :)


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