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Re: Announcing mkisofs 1.13

Robert Millan <rmh@aybabtu.com> wrote:

> I'm proud to announce the release of GNU mkisofs version 1.13.

Could you please explain this?

Do you like to confuse people with outdated software?

This looks like complete nonsense. The official mkisofs is part of cdrtools
since a long time and the official mkisofs that is part of cdrtools has 
major enhancements compared to the completely outdated stuff you present!

Also note that there was an official mkisofs with version number 1.13 
that has been published on July 20th 2000.

> This release implements a few new features relative to the previous one
> (mkisofs 1.12b5).  But most importantly, the codebase has been updated
> to modern standards and the build system has been rewritten from scratch
> using recent GNU autotools.

1.12b5 was full of bugs. It seems that you like to fool people with buggy 
software. Well, your source does not even compile....

> As this is the first release of GNU mkisofs in more than 10 years, some
> explanation is in order:
>   This program was initially written for the GNU system in 1993, by Eric
>   Youngdale, who maintained it up untill 1997.
>   Shortly afterwards, a derivative of GNU mkisofs was incorporated into
>   cdrtools, the CD/DVD recording package.  In 2006, the cdrtools version of
>   mkisofs spawned another fork: genisoimage, which was included as part of
>   cdrkit package in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

You are wrong! The mkisofs in cdrtools is _not_ a fork but the official release.

You also do not mention that the even outdated version of mkisofs you are using 
contains code from me.

If you really like to start a project on completely outdated sources, use a 
different name!


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