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Re: solaris cdrecord BH08LS20 drive BD-R problems

Rob W <wrob0123@gmail.com> wrote:

> Just wanted to follow up with more experimentation ...
> > Previously I was using the JMicron JM20336 USB-SATA bridge.
> > Now I have the JM20329, apparently a simpler (and slower) chip.
> > The BH08LS20 drive connected via USB 2.0, using blank BD-R disc.
> Using this drive connected to my CentOS machine with JM20329,
> I tried NeroLinux again, and this time was successful.
> At 2x, it only took 18 minutes to burn a 9 GB iso image.
> Perhaps I should try growisofs on the CentOS machine.

Cdrecord will be changed to workaound the firmware bug.


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