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Re: solaris cdrecord BH08LS20 drive BD-R problems


Rob W:
> Checked it this morning, seems to have finished,
> and I have no idea how long it took.
> builtin_dd: 7634768*2KB out @ average 0.2x4390KBps

Not faster than 7634768*2/(0.3*4390) seconds.
3 hours 13 minutes at least. Probably rather
4 to 5 hours.

Very slow. But at the end a bit too fast for
USB 1. So that theory seems invalid, too.

> :-[ CLOSE SESSION failed with SK=5h/INVALID FIELD IN CDB]: I/O error

Uh oh. It is still ill.

Can you read all 7634768 blocks from the
BD-R ?

  dd if=/dev/...block.device... \
     of=/dev/null \
     bs=2048 count=7634768

Does it mount ?

Have a nice day :)


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