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Re: solaris cdrecord BH08LS20 drive BD-R problems

Andy Polyakov <appro@fy.chalmers.se> wrote:

> > As you might know, I send accurate information, so what is your issue?
> It's not a forum for discussing "my issues." If you want to continue
> discussion, counterargument following:

Why do you then bring up your issues that seem to be caused by incorrect 
information at your side?

If you carefully read the Solaris DMA related REAMDEs from cdrtools-2.01, you
could get the related information.

> 1. According to 'man ata' DMA is enabled by default on Solaris 10. To my
> experience with Sun W1100z it holds true.

Whis this is true for Solaris 10 x86 and hard disks, it is definitely not true
for the other. 

> 2. 'man eeprom' does not provide any information about DMA settings.

Make a bug report against the man page...

> 3. SPARC Solaris *is* capable of DMA on ATA. To my experience it holds
> true on Solaris 8 with Pioneer DVR-106: CPU load and performance was
> adequate in my DVD recording tests and I never had any problems engaging
> buffer underrun protection. Negotiated settings for every device can be
> verified with 'prtconf -v'. A.

Solaris 8 definitely does not set up DMA, but Solaris 8 is 10 years old and
I do no longer have a machine to check whether I could enable DMA by patching 
the drivers. The READMEs mentioned above contain instructions on how to patch 
the ata driver for Solaris 9 (x86), but this unfortunately only works for the 
original release and will no longer help if you installed an ATA patch.

As mentioned before: Due to the fact that many DVD drives do not allow to set 
burnproof in case DMA is not enabled, this is a major problem on Solaris/sparc.
As a result, I did get a lot of negative feedback from users that have been 
unable to write DVDs. The only workaround is to use slow DVD-RW media that
allows to write slow enough to work without DMA.

Unless this changed during the past 12 months (and this would of curse only be 
possible for Solaris 10 that is still in maintenance), my information is of 
course correct and up to date.

Hope this helps.


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