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Re: solaris cdrecord BH08LS20 drive BD-R problems


Andy Polyakov wrote:
> It won't work in the sense that data
> recorded on later occasions won't be available on Solaris (it should be
> available on Linux though). In order to make it work on Solaris media
> has to be formatted for POW (see
> http://fy.chalmers.se/~appro/linux/DVD+RW/Blu-ray/) and recording has to
> be treated in special manner (growisofs and xorriso do this,

So Solaris does really not inquire DISC INFO
and TRACK INFO to find the "superblock" ?

libburn does not yet use BD-R SRM+POW but only
SRM-POW. I.e. BD-R recording with libburn is
much like DVD+R.

That's because i do not want to give up the
capability to access all older states of a
multi-session media. This would require some
adaptions of growisofs's SRM+POW method.
My best idea up to now is a first track solely
for the copied System Area and Volume descriptors
and to use the second track for the first
ISO "session". This way the Volume Descriptors
of the first ISO "session" would survive the
pseudo-overwritings of following ISO "sessions".
All ISO "session" start addresses could be
inquired as track start addresses.

Problem is that experiments with BD-R are still
quite expensive. (I also need to re-read
everything we discussed in november 2008 under
"Re: BD-R formatting help". Is it mandatory not
to close the MMC session ?)

Have a nice day :)

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