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Re: growisofs burns dvd successfully, but


> Funny thing is, that the DVDs I wrote that way, definitely worked,
> as I test most of my dvds after writing.  Also another dvd drive I
> tested now is able to mount them.

So it seems to be indeed a problem with the
readbility of the RMA.

It is not clear whether this is due to poor
writing quality or due to poor reading.

> I see.  I updated to cdrecord and that seems to work now.

If you just exchanged original mkisofs for
genisoimage, then this had nothing to do with the
problem. Success now would indicate that your
drive problem is erratic or that it is about
individual DVD-R media.

If you used cdrecord now rather than growisofs:
The main difference between cdrecord and your
usage of growisofs is in the write modes
Disk-at-Once versus Incremental Streaming.
You will get Disk-at-Once from growisofs by
using option

Disk-at-Once DVD-R media are not appendable.
I.e. you cannot add further files by
  growisofs -M ...

Have a nice day :)


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