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Re: cdrskin + k3b doesn't work SOMETIMES


it can hardly be the reason for cdrskin
stalling, but after reading man cdrecord
the use of option -xa1 appears to be a bug
in K3B:
"       -xa1   If  this  flag  is present, all subsequent tracks are written in
              CD-ROM XA mode 2 form 1 format. The data size is a  multiple  of
              2056 bytes.  The XA sector sub headers are part of the user data
              and have to be supplied by the  application  that  prepares  the
              data to be written.

The preparing application is mkisofs.
I see no hint that it would produce
those 8 bytes sub headers.

In man mkisofs i read
       -sectype sector type
              Set  the  sector  type  to  be used for the output file with the
              iso9660 filesystem.  The sector type may be one of:
              xa1    This  sets  the sector type to CD-ROM XA mode 1 with 2056
                     bytes per sector.  This sector type is the official  sec-
                     tor  type  for  multi-session  CDs,  it  should  be  used
                     together with the -XA option of mkisofs.  It is  required
                     to  write Kodak Photo CDs and Kodak Picture CDs.  Use the
                     -xa1 option from cdrecord to tell cdrecord to  write  CD-
                     ROM  XA  mode  1  sectors.   Do not use for DVD or BluRay

I do not see options -sectype or -s in
the reported mkisofs options.

Possibly you have to discuss this with
Is there a button "Multi-Session" or so ?

For cdrskin this means that it would have
to cut off the 8 bytes of correctly prepared
-xa1 blocks. It would then not work correctly
with input blocks of size 2048, though.
I will have to explore this.

Have a nice day :)


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