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Re: cdrskin + k3b doesn't work SOMETIMES

Helmut Jarausch <jarausch@igpm.rwth-aachen.de> wrote:

> See below the debug log of k3b (SIGTERM has been caused by <ctrl> C)
> This is a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS40  (LG) drive.
> Please, Jörg, don't suggest cdrecord itself,
> it doesn't work on five machines with this drive above.

It would be most unlikely if cdrecord had problems with this drive.

It may be that you are a victim of "hald" or that there is a Linux kernel 

If you have problems please make a bug report.

In the past you did make some contradicting reports (sometimes using CDs, 
sometimes using DVDs and ignoring the fact that there is no way to run a c2check
for DVD media). You did never send information that would allow to help you.
Altough asked, you did e.g. never run a simple read test and you did never 
reported _why_ you believe that there is a problem. Shortened: you did never say 
more than "it does not work".

The main problems on Linux are:

1)	hald (Linux version only - hald works on Solaris) contains a 
	conceptional bug that is responsible for disturbing CD writing.
	Hald on Linux tries to mount the CD while it is still written :-(
	This usually kills the writing process.

	Workaround: kill hald _before_ writing CDs or write CDs only in -raw96r

2)	Linux under some not yet investigated constraints modifies a SCSI
	command on it's way to the ATA drive. The drive then replies with
	"Invalid field in CDB". This is definitely not cdrecord's fault and
	the Linux kernel folks are not interested in fixing this Linux kernel
	bug. If you check the internet, you will see that the net is full of 
	related bug reports....

	Workaround: Use a different Operating System (e.g. FreeBSD, Solaris or 
	win32) with cdrecord. Cdrecord runs on more than 30 different platforms,
	so there is a huge range of other operating systems to try.....

	BTW: Some years ago, I did see the Linux kernel problem myself. Trying
	to run cdda2wav on Linux did result in an abortation with the SCSI
	error "Invalid field in CDB". SCO Unix and Solaris both did work just
	fine on the same hardware and the SCSI command log did show 100% 
	identical SCSI commands to be send from cdda2wav to the Kernel. This
	is obviously a serious Linux kernel problem.

If you are not interested in getting a solution for your problem, you may of 
course ignore it. If you are interested in a solution, I would expect that you 
send the needed information that allows to help you.


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