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Re: ide-scsi -> write_g1: scsi sendcmd: fatal error


for me as bystander and programmer of burn
software this is an interesting drama to watch.

It might well be a futile effort, though.
Especially since i do not know how crucial
remote drive addressing is to you resp. 
whether remote burn program execution is
an alternative for you.


> $ cdrecord dev=REMOTE:rscsi@hostname:0,1,0 -scanbus

According to README.rscsi, -scanbus should be
accompanied by a dev option without particular
device address
        -       dev=REMOTE:user@host: or dev=REMOTE:user@host
                will allow you to do SCSI bus scanning while
                you log in as "user"

For a particular drive i'd try -inq rather than

But that's several experiments in one, anyway.
If not yet frustrated enough, would try:

- What do these locally with ide-scsi enabled ?
    cdrecord dev=0,0,0 -inq
    cdrecord dev=1,0,0 -inq

After disabling ide-scsi on the machine
which hosts the burner:

- What do these locally ?
    cdrecord dev=/dev/hdb -inq
    cdrecord dev=ATA:0,1,0 -inq
  (I assume /dev/hdb is the address of the burner
   without ide-scsi.)

- What do these remotely ?
     cdrecord dev=REMOTE:rscsi@hostname -scanbus
     cdrecord dev=REMOTE:rscsi@hostname:ATA -scanbus

- What do these remotely ?
     cdrecord dev=REMOTE:rscsi@hostname:/dev/hdb -inq
     cdrecord dev=REMOTE:rscsi@hostname:ATA:0,1,0 -inq
     ... the same with eventual addresses
         from above -scanbus ...

Have a nice day :)


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