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Good day,
Due to the day-to-day increase of internet scams,
all hands of the INTERNET FRAUD SECURITY AGENCY have been on deck to
eradicate internet scam/fraud in our society.
You are by this notice advised to REPORT ALL SUSPECTED SCAM E-MAIL
received in your inbox, junk mail and bulk folder (recent and old
mails) for proper checking,
monitoring and accessibility.
Do not fall victim of internet scam.

NOTE: Due to the cooperation of individuals and good humans who lay
their suspected report, thousands of scam personnel, agents and
fraudsters are been arrested daily as this e-mail is sent to about one
million persons weekly.
If you are Fraudster, you are advised to quit because in no time,
INTERNET FRAUD SECURITY AGENCY will be knocking at your door and you
shall never have an escape route .

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