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Re: cdrecord floating point exception

Greg Wooledge <wooledg@eeg.ccf.org> wrote:

> > > Perhaps before the name was used, but there was a fork with DVD 
> > > capability before cdrecord got the ProDVD code. I used it because I had 
> > > too many problems with the licensing of ProDVD and couldn't get 
> > > permission to install it.
> > Well, please try to find a proof that someone different did add DVD support 
> > to cdrecord before February/March 1998.
> You're playing with words.  This is the timeline as I remember it:

You are playing too....

>  1) cdrecord writes to CDs.
>  2) cdrecord gets DVD writing code added and becomes cdrecord-ProDVD
>     which is not free software.  The free version of cdrecord continues
>     to exist, without DVD writing capability.

cdrecord-ProDVD becomes free for everyone

later, someone takes parts of the cdrecord DVD code by reverse engineering and
publishes patches that cause cdrecord to fail even with CD media.

>  4) growisofs (dvd+rwtools) comes along, adds DVD writing that works
>     pretty well.
>  5) cdrecord's DVD writing code is merged into the free version of cdrecord.
>     License is changed to a different free license.

As there never have been two versions of cdrecord, there was of code no merge.

>  6) Debian forks "wodim" from an older cdrecord because they're uncertain
>     of the new license.

Not true - sorry..... The license that is use with cdrecord was an aproved free
license since more than a year at that time. These people never have been 
uncertain about the license, they just wanted to spread FUD.

> Nobody claims their DVD writing code is better than yours or older than
> yours.  They just claim (correctly) that other code was FREE during a
> time when yours was not.

The only code that probably could be called free was growisofs, but growisofs 
at that time was not under GPL (altough the Author claimed so) because 
commercial publishing was not allowed. Growisofs is now free, but the change
to a real free license was made after the complete cdrecord source was published
under a free license.

> > You will not be able to do this because the official cdrecord DVD support 
> > has been introduced at a time, when only two other DVD recording programs
> > have been available at all, one of them was from Pioneer. At the time
> > cdrecord introduced DVD support, only 35 DVD recorders existed in the whole 
> > world.
> All well and good, but the resulting program was non-free and therefore
> many people could not use it, or chose not to use it.  It is free NOW,
> and thank you for that, but we're discussing the state of affairs during
> the time cdrecord-ProDVD was non-free.

As I mentioned many times before: There was an NDA at that time and you could 
not even buy the related writers without a personal permission from the chief 
of Pioneer.


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