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Re: cdrecord floating point exception

"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> Matthias Andree wrote:
> > Debian need not offer resources for someone damaging the project, so how
> > about committing to the action you suggested and have Jörg removed?
> Debian generously offers a place for technical
> discussions of CD burning affairs (including CD
> successor technologies). My due thanks for that.

Berlios also offers mailing lists for this purpose.

> > cdrecord had better play nice with hald, else cdrecord is going to
> > disappear sooner or later for lack of users...
> I would be glad if i knew any documentation
> about reliable and stable ways to influence
> hald's access to CD devices.
> Something like a locking protocol or so.
> And maybe without getting dependent on Glib
> or Mono.

As long as hald tries to mount the media on a not-ready to
ready transition, hald is horrobly broken and needs to be fixed first.
BTW: hald on Solaris works correctly.

> As for being away from the window, look at #3 of
>   http://freshmeat.net/stats/#popularity
> It's not that easy.
> Before cdrecord would vanish due to lack of good
> cooexistence with Linux there first would have to

The popularity of cdrtools is based on the good coexistence with Linux and
maybe because of the bad coexistence of the Debian fork...

Other reasons for the popularity are the fact that virtually any 
Operating system is supported and that reported bugs are usually fixed
in less than a week.

> be established alternatives. (I could offer some
> interesting candidates, btw.)

I don't see that your software is a real alternative as it is limited to Linux.
There is a difference between feeding a hype and doing long term support for 
everybody who is interested in a OSS solution. 

BTW: I am doing more than just cdrtools and I am now supporting most of 
my software since more than 25 years.

> And then one have to make GUI apps and people
> go away from cdrecord. Good luck with that part.

Why should they go away from cdrecord?
The people who write GUIs get a lot of bug reports and know which
software causes less problems.

The main problem we have in this mailing list is that people like 
Mr. Andree and Mr. Preining appear from time to time just to spread FUD.
They did never contribute anything useful AFAIK.

With this background, it is interesting to see that the initiators of the 
Debian fork fear this mailing list ;-)


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