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Re: cdrecord floating point exception


Matthias Andree wrote:
> Debian need not offer resources for someone damaging the project, so how
> about committing to the action you suggested and have Jörg removed?

Debian generously offers a place for technical
discussions of CD burning affairs (including CD
successor technologies). My due thanks for that.

So please let us ignore any non-technical ornaments
rather than making them an issue which obscures
the original purpose of this list.
One can live well with anybody here if one just does
not put too much weight on people's personal way
of expression.

> cdrecord had better play nice with hald, else cdrecord is going to
> disappear sooner or later for lack of users...

I would be glad if i knew any documentation
about reliable and stable ways to influence
hald's access to CD devices.
Something like a locking protocol or so.
And maybe without getting dependent on Glib
or Mono.

As for being away from the window, look at #3 of

It's not that easy.
Before cdrecord would vanish due to lack of good
cooexistence with Linux there first would have to
be established alternatives. (I could offer some
interesting candidates, btw.)
And then one have to make GUI apps and people
go away from cdrecord. Good luck with that part.

> and I see that now, three years later, nothing has changed.

Hey. Several things have changed:

libburn and its apps work for CD, DVD and BD.
cdrskin can substitute for cdrecord in most
of the CD use cases and outperforms it with
DVD and BD.
xorriso combines a versatile multi-session ISO 9660
editor with the appropriate burn capabilites.

I dare to amend that i myself can now give
user support about MMC problems here. I could
not have done that 3 years ago.

So there has been progress since then.

Have a nice day :)


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