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Re: accessing usb connected cd/dvd burners

kanenas@hawaii.rr.com wrote:

> I have tried just about everything I could in both 32 and 64 bit suse, in all 
> versions since 10.2, still my externally mounted dvd writer is unavailable as 
> far as k3b/wodim goes. The very same device has always been successfully used 
> by nerolinux in all verions of linux that k3b fails.
> It seems that there is a major detection bug as scanbus first detects the 
> drive, then it says that there are no valid scsi drivers. detection is much 
> more consistent when a regular dvd is inserted, but a rewriteable is 
> impossible to access thru anything using wodim. Everything is very smoothh 
> with nerolinux and it used to be smooth with k3b and write quality has always 
> been great, the only time i made a coaster was when i tried the "verify" 
> option.

You are using unsupport software.

Wodim is a defective fork from a 4 year old cdrecord source with many
bug added by Debian. Wodim is in conflict with GPL and Copyright law and cannot
be legally distributed. You seem to be a victim of a bad campaign from Debian,


for more information.

Please send your complains to Suse and ask them to stop distributing 
questionable software and to continue to distribute the original software.

> If you can resolve this problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

There is a simple solution: remove everything from that defective packet
(including wodim, genisoimage, ....) upgrade to recent original software


and make sure that cdrecord/readcd/cdda2wav are installed suid root.

After installing official software, you need to check whether k3b is in good 
condition. The official k3b prefers cdrecord over the defective fork.
You may need to check k3b whether it uses cdrecord to write CDs and DVDs.

Make sure to not only replace wodim as genisoimage is known to be full
of bugs too. 


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