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Re: accessing usb connected cd/dvd burners


> my externally mounted dvd writer is unavailable
> as far as k3b/wodim goes.

You will hardly find support for wodim here.
That would rather be at

wodim alternatives supported here are:
- cdrecord by Joerg Schilling
- cdrskin by me.
Just google.

Nevertheless i expect that DVD burning of
k3b is done via growisofs and not by
a cdrecord compatible program.
So you might first have to find out why k3b
possibly shows the symptoms which you
experience. What are they, btw ?

My (rusty) knowledge about k3b addresses
is that it gets them not from the "cdrecord"
binary. I would suspect pseudo file
/proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info to be the source
of its drive list.

Do you see your drive in that pseudo file ?
Typically as "sr1" or "sr2".
If in doubt, try commands like
  eject /dev/sr1
and look which drive moves.

Have a nice day :)


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