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Re: BD-R formatting help


> It would appear that dvd+rw-format has never been able to format a BD-R
> That would mean that when I did it the last time, I used growisofs which
> itself performs a format 

Still questionable whether there is enough
difference between both FORMAT commands to
explain the difference in success on both
BD-R discs.

> I'm trying not to throw away *too* many of
> these darn expensive discs.

Hey. Your boss could afford a BD burner two
years ago ! It must have cost a little fortune. ;)

You could combine a test of growisofs auto-format
with the 10 mm scratch test. If it formats then
the scratch will become illustrative.
If it does not format, then you will test how bad
a 10 mm scratch is with a BD-R that has no Defect
So give it a double dozen GB of data to eat.

Have a nice day :)


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