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Re: BD-R formatting help

Thomas Schmitt wrote:
As for Matt's idea with the scratch demo:
I have DVDs which look like an ice stadium
and they work perfectly. Others have no scratch
and they failed to verify after one or two burns.

One can hardly drill holes without endangering the
drive. But how about a few dots with a black felt
tip marker ?
Tell me how it worked out ... when it finally works.
It isn't an idea, it works. I placed a small scratch on the disc (maybe 1mm) and burned several GB of data (enough to fill well past the scratch). When it is finished you can definitely tell where the burn approached the scratch and kind of skipped over it and moved to the next viable area. It is really a nice visual. Problem is 1mm is kind of hard to image and I was looking to make a bigger scratch.

How do you figure that drilling a hole in a disc will endanger the drive?

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