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Re: BD-R formatting help

>>> Sorry, please add a -v 
>>> this should give you the formatted capacity list in addition.
>> As you wish...
>> I am not sure whether you guys like attachments or whether you want 
>> things inline, so I just attached it.
> OK, so this medium holds 200704 spare sectors.

This is bullshit. If you write to the media as it was at that moment, it
would end-up *without* spare sectors at all and consequently with defect
management permanently disabled for that particular disc. Secondly
200704 is maximum number of spare BD *clusters* *allowed* to be
configured, not currently configured.

> I am not sure whether this
> is the default or whether this is a result of a format call.

The media remained unformatted and is as good as virgin. In other words
format call had no effect. A.

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