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Re: [Cdrecord-support] cdrtools-2.01.01a44 ready

Hi Joerg,

Am Dienstag, 5. August 2008 14:35 schrieb Joerg Schilling:

> Pleas test 2.01.01a54-pre from ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/cdrecord/alpha/:
> -       Added a workaround for a GNU make design bug that causes the
> rules to create file "foo" to be evaluated _past_ the "include foo"
> statement in a Makefile has been evaluated. Note that you still need GNU
> make 3.81. GNU make 3.80 and before will still fail to compile cdrtools
> because of other unfixed GNU make bugs.

after upgrading make to version 3.81 I was able to compile 
cdrtools-2.01.01a45-pre on an eisfair-machine (german linux server project 

PS: I have to add "-liconv -lintl" to the LIBS statement in the makefiles 
of mkisofs and isoinfo to get them compiled at all last cdrtools releases.


Gruss Marcus

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