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Re: Why are my DVD+R DL only readable by root ?

Gregoire Favre wrote:

I use the attached script to burn my media, and unfortunately, only root
has access to DL discs...

Any idea on how to solve this ?

Your subject is misleading, or at least confusing... It implies that after burn only root can read DL. If that's the case it's a new bug, and I have no idea at all why, since I don't see it.

If you mean you must be root to use cdrecord (not woe-dumb), then yes, it is a sad fact of life. The solution is to build a recent cdrtools from source, then install setuid root, or to change your script to use growisofs. The advantage of growisofs is no need to be root, the advantage of cdrtools is use of vendor commands which make some burners work better.

Install comment: I put everything setuid (or group, root or other user) in /usr/local/bin. In the case of cdrecord I also renamed it "CDrecord" so that I would be sure I was not getting some other program calling itself cdrecord.

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com>
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