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Re: Announcing cdrskin-0.4.4

> (i.e. no spare area) by dvd+rw-format option
>   -ssa=none
> It might also be worth to check the impact of certification
> on write error detection. I.e.:
>   -format=full
> I would propose to try both. It would be most economic to
> do  -ssa=none  first, because i would expect it to be
> the most likely to omit error detection on traditional
> WRITE10 (SCSI command 2Ah).

> With  -format=full  i would possibly expect that WRITE12
> (command AAh) is needed.

What is it with desire to bypass defect management? I mean I can
perfectly understand Thomas's curiosity, but why would end-user such as
Giulio want it off? So you say "my time is so precious that I must have
faster write at any cost, ... so I can have time to verify afterwards"?
But why not let drive do it during recording then? The time would be the
same. The drive is in position to do better job and it makes perfect
sense to let it. Indeed, if result of your checksum test fail, what
options do you have? Try recording once again spending double your
precious time? In BD-R case even discard media, which is pretty
expensive, isn't it? So if your time is so precious to you, defect
management is actually *saving* it for you. Not to mention money and
*data* itself. The only reason to bypass defect management would be
real-time recordings, but then it's likely to be a video recording when
it's more important to keep recording, then to miss a second. For any
kind of *storage* application, i.e. kind of applications we discuss
here, bypassing defect management makes *no sense* *whatsoever*.

> There seems to be a WRITE12 experiment ready in
> dvd+rw-tools-7.1/growisofs_mmc.cpp
> Maybe Andy Polykov already knows more about that topic.

Yes, commented out WRITE12 code in growisofs_mmc.cpp was used in a
defect management bypass experiment in DVD-RAM. Its purpose was to
satisfy curiosity, such as what would it take for *another* kind of
application. Kind of application that would also have to handle so
called enhanced defect management codes. It's not in production and I
have no intention to put into production for reasons discussed above. A.

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