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Re: Mkisofs - seek error on old image

Bill Davidsen wrote:
Last step fails:

mkisofs -C 1273136,1284368 -M /dev/sr0 -R -J /amps/backups/flexbackup/ -v -o test.iso

Setting input-charset to 'ISO-8859-15' from locale.
DEBUG: startsec 1273136 startbyte 2607382528
mkisofs: Invalid argument. Seek error on old image

Without knowing the parameters to lseek64 here, I would guess this is a defective previous session os a linux kernel bug.

Mmm. That's why I added the DEBUG output


lseek(f, 2607382528, SEEK_SET)

How can I test the previous session? It has been written successfully by growisofs.

First, as I'm sure your checked, your seek address is a multiple of 2k. So it's on a sector boundary.

Are you sure that your system doesn't try to mount or check a DVD when you put it in the drive? Some of this is in the window manager and some in udev, although once I told the WM not to ever look at an optical media I stopped having warnings. udev hasn't caused problems that way, Fedora [678] in use here.

Pretty sure. No window manager. vmware runs guest ms-windows but the dvd drive is NOT connected to them. No automounter.
pktcdvd was installed but its device was not used. Now I have removed it.

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