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Re: Mkisofs - seek error on old image


> sr0: rw=0, want=5092612, limit=5062268

I guess these are 512 byte blocks.
Limit is 1265567 thus, although the media
structure tells that there begins a complete
track #5 at block 1273136.

The alleged limit is 128 blocks after the
end of track #4.

Shrug. No idea where your system got these
ideas about the track layout.

> But readcd can read sectors 1273136-1273137 no problem.

This would give hope for xorriso.

It could probably load the session in track #5
and consolidate all 5 to a single session on hard
disk or on different DVD media (if you have 2 drives).
It could also expand the same media further, but
there is few use for that if Linux continues to
truncate it when reading.

With the new media it would probably be good
for some more sessions until the problem appears

(Example "Copy modified ISO image from one media to another")


Have a nice day :)


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