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Re: Doesn't wodim close disk ?

On Mon, Dec 31, 2007 at 05:52:03PM -0500, Rob Bogus wrote:

Hello :-)

> I am puzzled why you are using wodim instead of growisofs for this, since 
> it has just the "-dvd-compat" option you need. And if gentoo has a problem 
> letting you install it, that's your choice of a fascist distribution.

I did this choice because I was using growisofs on my older computer,
but it didn't allow to write (fail) on my new with my DVD-RW recorder,
so I tried cdrecord, which also failed and then tried wodim which worked
directly :-)

As one could read in your signature, using wodim :
>  It seemed like a good idea at the time

BUT I have now tried version 7.0 of dvd+rw-tools and yes it works !!!

> Sorry, I thought you wanted to solve the problem, if wodim doesn't support 
> -fix then you can either use another tool or live with the choice of a 
> broken or limited tool. You might also see of wodim supports -dao for the 
> initial burn, and if that closes the session.

I should have tried again growisofs, now I remember having done some
testings on my older computer with the author of dvd+rw-tools because
the disks weren't closed on the Sony 500A, and he wrote a small part of
code to close disk... I shall look at it, maybe that code would allow me
to close my discs, as cdrecord fails at doing so either.

Thank and happy new year :-)
Grégoire FAVRE  http://gregoire.favre.googlepages.com  http://www.gnupg.org

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