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Re: growisofs WRITE@LBA=230540h error blanking DVD+RW media


>     1. What then is the command to blank the DVD+RW media, and return it 
> to
> virgin state?

If you use cdrecord ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/cdrecord/alpha/
you will read in the documentation that this is impossible with DVD+RW media
unless you own a very old Ricoh DVD writer. Even then, you need cdrecord to
blank the media.

==> Thank you for clarifying that. I had visited that ftp site but of course 
did not come across that documentation.  So from your answer I can take it 
that there is no way to restore the DVD+RW media to its blank state, as 
there is with DVD-RW, nicht wahr?

-- Roy

btw: I was a graduate student at TU Berlin in 1965, in physics.  Promptly 
"beurlaubt" due to my failure to understand the German language at a level 
that would have enabled me to understand what the heck was happening in my 
courses.  Went to the Goethe Institut in Brannenberg-Degendorf to partially 
correct that deficiency.

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