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Re: growisofs WRITE@LBA=230540h error blanking DVD+RW media


> Subject: Re: growisofs [EMAIL PROTECTED] error blanking DVD+RW media
> Also, the WRITE@LBA=230540h is being hidden with "EMAIL PROTECTED".

Obviously some software mistakes the message for
a mail address. Only good we are into CD/DVD writing
and not into mailing list software :))

I subscribed by sending Subject:subscribe to
and i get uncensored subject lines.

The archive at
shows no censoring either.

> So the error message is correct -- it is an incorrect argument.  There must 
> be some error then in the source code, since the program clearly knows the 
> size of the DVD media, and shouldn't be trying to write past the end of the 
> disc.

In some aspect, growisofs is a raw program.
But hey, we love it for its unique stunts.
I personally have to thank it for teaching me
the framework of DVD burning.

> 1. What then is the command to blank the DVD+RW media, and return it to 
> virgin state?
Joerg Schilling:
> this is impossible with DVD+RW media unless you own a very old
> Ricoh DVD writer.

I would have flatly stated that it is impossible
with DVD+RW.
Interesting feature. Not mentioned in the standards,

DVD-RW media can be (re-)formatted:
  dvd+rw-format -force /dev/sr0
This will bring the media into "Intermediate state"
which allows no random write access. After the first
write is completed, the formatting will allow to
use random access with 32 kB granularity.

DVD-RW may be deformatted by
  dvd+rw-format -blank=full /dev/sr0
In that state they can take multiple sessions quite like
CD-R[W] or like DVD-R. No random access, of course.

> This I was trying to blank out entirely, to start fresh.

Question is: for what purpose ?

The one single session of a DVD+RW is a mere fake anyway.
Actually there is a formatted area which can be expanded
if necessary and if the media has still free space.
The concept of one or more sessions makes sense with CD-R[W],
DVD-R, DVD+R, or unformatted DVD-RW.
But hardly for DVD-RAM, DVD+RW or formatted DVD-RW.

>     2. Who do I notify about the error in the code that causes it ti attempt 
> a write beyond the disc limit?

This mailing list here is the place where to post
messages for Andy Polyakov, the author of growisofs.

(I would like to re-iterate my bug report about
-dvd-compat and open-ended data sources when
applied to blank DVD-R[W].)

Have a nice day :)


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