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Re: Samsung DVD writer.

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com> wrote:

> > All vendor unique commands, such as for Yamaha/Plextor specific functions.
> >
> >   
> I believe this is true, but just writing a disk is hardly vendor specific.

It seems that you did not understand the problem. See below also.

> > All commands for old (pre-MMC) writers.
> >
> >   
> That is clearly going to be true.

Well at least one item where you are not trying to counter.

> > Some MMC commands needed for DVD writing, but here I do not remember the
> > commands.
> >   
> On this, since other software writes disks, I would classify these 
> commands as "desirable" rather than "required." Feel free to list 
> commands you feel are necessary to the basic functionality if you can 
> identify any.

You may claasify for yourself whatever you like, but note some important

I am the author of cdrtools and I decide how to write cdrecord. I do not
write hacks as other aothors may do but I follow the MMC standard and I
decide which commands are needed for a useful interaction with the drive.

I am not going to align the way I write cdrecord with the ideas of
some silly people who try try to make Linux hard to use.

> Note: I completely agree that some commands are blocked which would be 
> desirable, but the general case, "put data on a disk" can be done 
> without root if a standard MMC device is being used.

There is no need to discuss this. The important facts to learn from me is:

I write cdrecord in a way that allows me to support as many features as 

I write cdrecord in a way that allows me to know as much on the drive in
advance as possible.

If the way Linux is implemented forces me to run cdrecord with root
privileges in order to avoid Linux blocking some of the commands I use, 
then root privileges are _the_ _intended_ _way_ to run cdrecord on Linux.

If some people tell you that cdrecord runs without root privileges although 
they have been informed about the constraints, these people are just idiots and
should be ignored.


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