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Re: growisofs DVD-R[W] DAO can fail with piped input


> > For cdrskin i decided to:
> > - disallow undefined track size with DVD-R[W] DAO
> >   and demand a recognizable file size or an explicit
> >   track size.
> Just for reference, Joerg and I had a discussion of this, related to 
> doing remote backups where the ISO image is generated on one machine and 
> piped to cdrecord on another. It appears to have the same limitations,

Those are the hard limitations of DAO write mode
on DVD-R[W] as it seems.
Although the specs leave a little hope for a
pro-forma track reservation with insufficient
size, my drives don't allow this.
DAO means fixed image size. :(

But there is still Incremental Streaming ! :))
TAO-like multi-session writing on DVD-R[W]. I love it.
Only my 2.4 kernel driven DVD-ROM dislikes.
A DVD-ROM under kernel 2.6 and my ide-scsi driven
burners have no problem with incremental multi-session
DVD-RW. The mount command of my kernel 2.4 finds the
last session on DVD-RW and mounts it.
A drawback is that the DVD-RW media have to be new
or blanked fully. Minimally blanked DVD-RW do only DAO.

There is also Restricted Overwrite formatting
for DVD-RW (not for DVD-R) which allows no traditional
multi-session but needs no predicted size and no

If the drive-media compatibility of DVD-RW wasn't such
a mess, i would declare it my favorite media.
But for the sake of reliable burn success i stay with
DVD+RW for my backups.

Have a nice day :)


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