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Re: cdrecord-2.01.01a21 refuses work on Linux 2.4 if non-ide-scsi DVD-ROM is present

scdbackup@gmx.net wrote:

> Hi,
> update and probably final report about the setuid problem on
> SuSE 9.3 :
> Joerg was right: with setuid bit the program is not
> running as "root" but geteuid() returns the UID of
> the previous owner of the file "thomas".
> The problem seems bound to a single ext3 partition and
> even there it is not easy to reproduce.
> Any of the following actions make it vanish:
> - copy binary to different partition and execute there.
> - copy binary to different partition, copy back
>   and execute at its old storage location.
> - apply  chown root  once again after chmod u+s
>   (older chown implementations cleared setuid
>    bit and thus i first chown and then chmod).

If you (thomas) have been able to chmod u+s on a file owned by root,
then something looks broken.

What I remember is that the s-bit clearing was done different from UNIX
on previous Linux versions (chown root on a suid file did not clear the 
s-bit as in UNIX).


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