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Re: Feature suggestion for mkisofs

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com> wrote:

> It is sometimes (perhaps often) desirable to have the content of an ISO 
> filesystem reflect the directory information from which it was taken. 
> That is, if I back up subdirectories FOO and BAR, I would not want to 
> have the contents of those two directories mixed in the lowest level of 
> the ISO output. I can't think of a time when I ever wanted to do that, 
> although when mkisofs first came out I did it anyway ;-)
> What I would like is an option which preserves path information, such that
>   mkisofs -o example.iso -R -preserve-path FOO BAR
> would produce the same thing as
>   mkisofs -o current.iso -R -graft-points FOO=FOO BAR=BAR
> I have a raft of small scripts which produce this effect for use with 
> the -path-list option, but it is an ugly thing to do, hard to explain to 
> beginners, and probably a source of irritation to other people as well 
> as to me. It would eliminate a step when using find to identify data to 
> include, both from the freestanding command and the embedded find 
> feature being developed for the alpha versions, which will probably be 
> moved to production at some time.

This may make sense after I did remove the old non-libfind based directory 
traversal code. The libfind based code is very close to this kind of interface.

But the libfind based code is currently a bit slower than the old directory 
traversal code. If I have time do implement some optimizations, this may look


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