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Feature suggestion for mkisofs

It is sometimes (perhaps often) desirable to have the content of an ISO filesystem reflect the directory information from which it was taken. That is, if I back up subdirectories FOO and BAR, I would not want to have the contents of those two directories mixed in the lowest level of the ISO output. I can't think of a time when I ever wanted to do that, although when mkisofs first came out I did it anyway ;-)

What I would like is an option which preserves path information, such that
 mkisofs -o example.iso -R -preserve-path FOO BAR
would produce the same thing as
 mkisofs -o current.iso -R -graft-points FOO=FOO BAR=BAR

I have a raft of small scripts which produce this effect for use with the -path-list option, but it is an ugly thing to do, hard to explain to beginners, and probably a source of irritation to other people as well as to me. It would eliminate a step when using find to identify data to include, both from the freestanding command and the embedded find feature being developed for the alpha versions, which will probably be moved to production at some time.

bill davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com>
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