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Re: digital photos to dvd

On Sun, 30 Jul 2006 12:22:16 -0400
Geoffrey <esoteric@3times25.net> wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone knows an easy way to put digital photos on a 
> dvd for viewing on a dvd player.  I don't want to create a simply data 
> dvd, but a video with the photos.  I'm assuming they'd either be delayed 
> slide show or each could be their own channel and require one to forward 
> from one to the next.


       images2mpg - MPEG portfolio images multiplexer

       images2mpg [ options ] -o <output MPEG file> -i <input image files>

       This script use this packages :

       ImageMagick version >= 5.4.8 [ http://www.imagemagick.org/ ]
       MjpegTools  version >= 1.6.0 [ http://mjpeg.sourceforge.net/ ]

       The 'images2mpg' bash script convert some images on MPEG sequences with a specific duration and merge all  images  on  an
       single MPEG file. It use the MjpegTools and ImageMagick packages.

       Between  the images, you can insert a basic transition. You can also add an audio track on the images sequence with a MP2
       or WAV file.

       All images will be automatically scaling to the good size for the video format. Also a specific  background  color  or  a
       image file could be used.

       You  can  use  this  for  to build some DVD/XVCD/SVCD/VCD portfolios for your home DVD player. Use 'vcdimager' for create


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