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Re: How can I create data DVDs with encryption (AES preferred)

From: "Paul Serice" <paul@serice.net>
Subject: Re: How can I create data DVDs with encryption (AES preferred)
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 21:58:35 -0500 (CDT)

> > Conclusion:
> > Is there any way to encrypt the data "on the fly" from the unencrypted
> > filesystem to the DVDRW without haveing an extra file and without
> > using the DVDRW as "normal hd" ? I will only use one-shot DVDRW,
> > i.e. I will always write the whole contents...no multisession or such.
> If this is for archiving, you can use shunt:
>     http://www.serice.net/shunt/
> Paul Serice

Hi Paul, 

 thank you for your reply!
 I have downloaded shunt and I am currently learning how to use it.
 In the doc on your webpage you wrote:

  "If you need to run shunt and flyisofs on linux, make sure you are
  using linux-2.6.8 or higher. Previous kernels work for burning CDs,
  but they do not work for DVDs because the inode numbering scheme
  overflows at 4GB. Starting with linux-2.6.8, the kernel includes a
  patch I wrote that does not overflow until 128GB. This new scheme
  should be adequate for two or three more generations of media."
 I am using linux vanilla kernel, so the above /should/ not
 apply, but...
 Some days ago I wrote to the mailing list (I am using Gentoo...),
 that I get bad DVD, when they carry more than 4GB data.  The problem
 was, that the pkcdvd (pktsetup) was installed at boot time by

 I removed the call to the init script and anything not being related
 to pktcdvd/pktsetup works fine...leaving me behind wondering, why 
 writing vi pktcdvd/pksetup should be limited to 4GB.

 May be your patch should be applied to the pktsetup/pkcdvd "driver"
 also ???

 Another problem: I was not able to build libcustcalc. The current
 release of calc seems to be broken. Neithe the Gentoo install
 mechanism nor installing by hand works.

 Keep hacking! ;)

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