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Re: Cdrtools-2.01.01a10 ready

Non-Teflon_Pans.psJoerg Schilling wrote:

NEW features of cdrtools-2.01.01a10:


-	The file "CONTRIBUTING" has been updated.

Libparanoia (Ported by Jörg Schilling, originated by Monty xiphmont@mit.edu):

Libedc (Optimized by Jörg Schilling, originated by Heiko Eißfeldt heiko@hexco.de):


-	scsi-apollo.c & scsi-hpux.c indented properly to follow Cstyle

-	scsi-linux-ata.c cast added to avoid strange warning from GCC
	caused by bad coding style in the Linux kernel.

The coding style in the kernel has nothing to do with gcc or your application... That's like saying you need salt on the potatos in Germany because there are rocks in the carrot fields of France.

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