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growisofs and PX-716: impossible changing burning speed after the first burn.

I'll try to redo my question.
I'm the one that has this trouble?
Or perhaps my bad English... Sorry :)

I'm running Linux and using a Plextor PX-716A burner with 
dvd+rw-tools 6.1.
When I burn a DVD at a speed lower than its max default rated speed, 
as seen in dvd+rw-mediainfo output, then at the next burn the 
current burning speed is fixed to the previous value, so I can't 
set a highter burning speed.
I.e. if I burn a capable 16x DVD at 8x in the first burn, in the 
second burn I can choose 8x or a lower value but NOT 16x.
To reset the drive I have to reboot the system.

Anyone has experienced the same?

As information: Cdrecord-prodvd has not this problem so I argue that 
It is not a drive fault. 


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