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Re: startsec problem?

On Mon, 24 Apr 2006, Joerg Schilling wrote:

Alexey Toptygin <alexeyt@freeshell.org> wrote:

OK, I have built cdrecord from this source:


and I have changed the drive specification in /etc/default/cdrecord to
ATA:0,1,0. I read 2 known-good pressed audio CD with official readcd
-clone and wrote them with official cdrecord -clone. Both times I got the
same error, which is the same as with the unofficial Debian version. The
coasters produced cause the drive to take too long when trying to cdrecord
-toc or cdrecord -atip, and the bus is reset, and DMA turned off. Here is
the output of cdrecord:


What error are you talking of?

This is what I called an error, it is the only indication that anything is wrong until I try to read the CD that was just burned:

./official/cdrtools-2.01/cdrecord/OBJ/i686-linux-cc/cdrecord: WARNING: Drive returns wrong startsec (0) using -11849 from ATIP
Writing lead-in at sector -11849

As I said, the burn results in a coaster that causes some drives to take a very long time to respond to commands, and some drives to act as if there's no media.


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