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Re: startsec problem?

On Sun, 9 Apr 2006, Bill Davidsen wrote:

I took an audio CD, cloned it with readcd, and grabbed the tracks with cdparanoia. Then, I tried to burn the cloned image:

Let's start with why you didn't do the rip on the original media... cloning usually creates an ectype (a true and faithful copy of an original), so if there were defects in the original you wind up with a shiny new defective copy :-( For instance if you clone a CD with a scratch you can get a copy which has no physical defect but returns the same data a the CD with the scratch. This is generally not an improvement.

You misunderstand. I both cloned and ripped with cdparanoia from the same master (in parallel, not in series). The master plays fine, and is apparently scratch-free. The copy made by readcd -clone from the master and then cdrecord -clone -raw96r causes the drive to get very confused when it tries to read it, leading to bus resets and the drive being forced into PIO mode. The only error reported by cdrecord is the startsec one. The copy made from the master with cdparanoia and burned with cdrecord -dao -audio plays fine, but cdrecord still reports a startsec error.


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