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Re: growisofs did not exit cleanly :P

Given your previous problems with K3b+growisofs this might
be related to burner+media. But usually growisofs should
issue some kind of error message with a little frown in
such a case.
I doubt this, because it's only happen with DVD+-RWs as for now,
but not with DVD-Rs. I also didn't experience this problem when using 5.21.
Guess that something was changed from that time which causing this error

I can't reproduce it with DVD+RW... As you maintain that only rewritable media is affected, could you just experiment with command line? I.e. use growisofs with various options from command prompt instead of k3b, *but* complement the line with return code printout, e.g.

	growisofs -Z /dev/hdc -R /some/place; echo $?

so that the error can be identified. A.

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