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Re: Re: growisofs did not exit cleanly :P

Hello Thomas! Thank you for reply!

Given your previous problems with K3b+growisofs this might
be related to burner+media. But usually growisofs should
issue some kind of error message with a little frown in
such a case.
I doubt this, because it's only happen with DVD+-RWs as for now,
but not with DVD-Rs. I also didn't experience this problem when using 5.21.
Guess that something was changed from that time which causing this error

I assume that K3b tried to make rewritable your media via dvd+rw-format -blank=full /dev/hdc
and failed. cdrecord-ProDVD obviously did not fail but possibly
the media are still not good for growisofs.
I would also think like this but it's happen with DVD+RW as well :-\
 dvd+rw-format -force /dev/hdc
thanks for suggesting this command, I've just tried it on one DVD-RW and I was able to write on it without problem and this time k3b even checked written data.

to achieve DVD-RW mode "Restricted Overwrite" which will avoid
the need to blank or format the media before re-use by growisofs.
Then try K3b+growisofs again with that media.
(If you blank the media by cdrecord-ProDVD you get back into
 a state that demands blanking before re-use. If you format it
 by  dvd+rw-format -blank=full /dev/hdc you will also get back
 to the state which is only writeable once and then needs
-blank=full again. You always need to blank before re-using DVD-RW with cdrecord-ProDVD.)
thanks a lot for this explanation! I think now I've got finally a better idea of how it works

I can offer a non-GUI frontend which is about as hard to use
as commands ls or cp. One has to do some initial setup, though.
Contact me, if you are interested. It can use both, growisofs
and cdrecord-ProDVD.
will appreciate if you send my way your interface, I'm curious to try it.

Have a nice day :)
you too :) And thanks for helping me, it's much appreciated!

Denis S.

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