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Re: Please unsubscribe ROBERTOJIMENOCA@terra.es (was: Why burnfree is off by default?)

Hallo! Du (Matthias Andree) hast geschrieben:
>"ROBERTOJIMENOCA@terra.es" <ROBERTOJIMENOCA@terra.es> writes:

>> No, that's stupid. Jörg already did some of these things. Asshole.
>OK, this is enough.
>I request that ROBERTOJIMENOCA@terra.es is removed from this list.
>Pestering the list with requests to change defaults are one thing,
>annyoing though, but usually tolerable, calling people names in public
>(when running out of arguments, to be fair) is another.
>It's about time that the list is calmed.

It looks to me as if it did (according to the archive).

We normally don't kick people from the lists, however: 

Roberto Jimenoca: Watch your language. We are all volunteers here.
(And all things are archived publically, and we won't remove something

>> Tell me how to configure correctly this shitty JavaMail webmail and I'll
>> do it.

(and please fix your mailer, if you mind looking at
http://lists.debian.org/cdwrite/2005/12/threads.html you'll see that
each of you postings broke the Threading.)

Cord (wearing the Listmaster hat)

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