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Re: Why burnfree is off by default?

Matthias Andree wrote:
> "ROBERTOJIMENOCA@terra.es" <ROBERTOJIMENOCA@terra.es> writes:
> > Why complicate the lives of cdrecord users with lots of options that
> > don't even have a use case?
> Just because your view is limited and you cannot conceive a use case
> (which is not bad in itself, just don't argue :-)), does not mean there
> is none.

Please explain the use case, otherwise we won't see it.

> Running cdrecord underneath a front-end, in automated scripts, it might
> be MUCH easier to look at the exit code rather than parse its messages.

No, you can still set an error exit code, 
when burnfree is turned on and
burnfree kicked it at least once, and throw that CD if you want.

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