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Re: Why burnfree is off by default?

Volker Kuhlmann wrote:

So, If Burnproof doesn't kick in the disk is standard and if Burnproof
kicks cdrecord just could say when the cd is burned:
"Burnproof was used in this CD. Warning your CD may not be standard."

Correct. In other words, you couldn't possibly lose out on anything by
turning burnproof always on. If you don't like it when it did kick in,
just throw out the disk and you aren't worse off than you would be if
burnproof had been off.
There is an option for that, remember? Why do so many people think that their choice should be the default so they won't have to either save the options file or type the option.

So, is there any reason out there to have an option that disables or
enables burnfree and just have burnfree always on by default?

Jörg's stubbornness?

Sticking to what you believe is right is usually called character. He is taking the position that a CD should be right or obviously broken. He provided an option for those who have lower standards.

I would not turn on burnfree for a backup CD, but I haven't had a coaster in years anyway, and I burn data on a P-III 350 with a slow PIO disk several times a week (not my choice of hardware, clearly). If I burn from the network I do use burnfree, but I don't burn critical stuff that way.

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