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Re: Cdrecord!

Rüdiger Greeb <cOzmIc.FI@gmx.net> wrote:

> I get the same here. This may be caused by udev because devices that are
> not present are not contained in /dev anymore.
> It works for me if I specify 'dev=ATA'. So you should try 'cdrecord
> dev=ATA -scanbus'.

You are a victim of unplanned changes in the Linux kernel and it may be that
you run software that is not used on Linux by default.

Sorry, but I will definitely not waste my time in order to hack solutions
for interfaces that will disappear after a few months.

If I did, I would end up with completely unmaintainable code for cdrecord.

If you like use cdrecord, you need to create a correct set of /dev/* entries
on your machine. If it appears that a specific new implementaions will stay for 
more than 2 years, I will have a look at it and start adding support.


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