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Re: dvd writes truncated 3 Mbytes

Gene Heskett wrote:


I've just tried to burn a dvd iso 4 times, 2 different brands of disks,
getting an identical but bad md5sum for all 4 writes.

K3B reports it has written 1160 of 1163 Mbytes each time, but doesn't
seem to have a problem with that.

Kernel is, without packet writing for cd/dvd turned on, but I
have one with it enabled building now.  K3B is 0.11.13, cdrecord is
2.1(dvd), groisofs is 5.21, mkisofs is 2.1-a34.  The drive is a Lite-On

I just ran growisofs from the cli, and it also gets exactly the same
bad md5sum, not reporting the final write.  Here is the cli line & end
of burn session reports:
[root@coyote FC4]# growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/cdrom=CAELinuxBeta1.iso
[...] 1188462592/1219631104 (97.4%) @3.9x, remaining 0:05
1207107584/1219631104 (99.0%) @3.9x, remaining 0:02
builtin_dd: 595536*2KB out @ average 3.9x1385KBps
/dev/cdrom: flushing cache
/dev/cdrom: writing lead-out
[root@coyote FC4]# md5sum </dev/cdrom
292969c8f81e7c0e3ed0ee76a5a637ad  -

This last is the same bad md5sum I've seen 4 times before.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?  I've been making
good cd's all along with no problems, in this new drive, till now.

I've supposedly subscribed to this list, but in 30 minutes, no
confirmation message has appeared.

You are using an unreliable method to do the check, an I'm not surprised it doesn't work. Do this instead:
 dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=2k count=595536 | md5sum -

Joerg has explained this in some detail, as have several of us, you must read back what you write, no more no less, then the check will be meaningful.

bill davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com>
 CTO TMR Associates, Inc
 Doing interesting things with small computers since 1979

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