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dvd writes truncated 3 Mbytes


> K3B reports it has written 1160 of 1163 Mbytes each time, but doesn't
> seem to have a problem with that.
> I just ran growisofs from the cli, and it also gets exactly the same
> bad md5sum, not reporting the final write.  Here is the cli line & end
> of burn session reports:
> builtin_dd: 595536*2KB out @ average 3.9x1385KBps

Well, 595536*2*1024 yields 1219657728 = 1163.15625 GB.
At least growisofs seems to have seen 1163 GB of input.
Maybe a short count is normal with K3B ? (I got no KDE)

> [root@coyote FC4]# md5sum </dev/cdrom
> 292969c8f81e7c0e3ed0ee76a5a637ad  -
> This last is the same bad md5sum I've seen 4 times before.

Looks like quite a constant behavior.
Not very typical for writer problems.

Did you check how many bytes are actually read from the media ?
  wc </dev/cdrom
If this counts less than 1219657728 bytes then the image is 
indeed incomplete.
/dev/cdrom may well yield more bytes than you have written to media.
(Especially with re-used RW media. What type are you using ?)
For MD5 comparison with the ISO file on hard disk you will have
to truncate the stream from /dev/cdrom to that file's exact size. 
Maybe a run of program diff brings some enlightenment.

> Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?  

Not yet. But none of my rewritable media would deliver
the correct checksum with untruncated input from /dev/cdrom.

> I've been making good cd's all along with no problems, in
> this new drive, till now.

Something must have changed.
A different size of ISO image ?

Have a nice day :)


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